Music & CultureFlow – Visions of Time

Flow – Visions of Time

Time is and always has been fascinating. It surrounds us and yet is so intangible and abstract. FLOW – VISIONS OF TIME seeks to get closer to this mysterious force and explore its symbols, ideas and conceptions in an entertaining and thoughtful way.

The result is an artistic fulldome music show in which the immersive visuals by Rocco Helmchen merge with the music by Johannes Kraas to create an audiovisual work of art.

Moments can feel endless, others are just over too quickly. The music explores these opposites, opens up different emotions and approaches the endless flow of time. Sometimes epic industrial beats and pulsating synths refer to the pressure of an ever faster turning world, while only seconds later a violin circles above our heads and playfully lingers in the moment. Deep bass turns into shimmering piano sounds and heartwarming strings merge into human voices – everything is in the constant flow of time.

Experience a fascinating expedition into possible and impossible worlds, into our universe and distant dimensions. An invitation to marvel, discover and immerse yourself in the almighty, invisible power of time.

Admission: 14 euros. Duration approx. 60 minutes.

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